Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jessica Iskandar Plans Engaged Next Year

Actress Jessica Iskandar aka Jedar is rumored to be engaged to her boyfriend next year.

The news was revealed by friend Jessica Iskandar, doctor Irene while participating in the Charity event at the shelter home of Bina Anak Pertiwi Foundation, Pasar Minggu.

"So next year there are two happy news, Sally next year married, Jedar fiance," said doctor Irene.

Hearing this, Jedar immediately silenced his friend's mouth with his hand.

Laughing with shame Jedar shook his head as though to dodge the news.

"No, baseball, doain aja (mate). If I pray just the same God, "said Jedar with red cheeks flushed.

However, he did not continue the circumvention, Jedar actually ask for prayers from his colleagues and media crew.

He hopes to be reunited with someone who can love him and his son sincerely.

"Well doain wrote, let me be the one who can love me and my son. People who can give more attention that has not been there. Which can mmbahagiakan both of us, "he hoped that 'Amen' compact.

Questioned his identity, Jedar back coyly cat. However, his friend gladly leaked. "It works doctors," said doctor Irene.

"Yes it is a secret, yes know first acquaintances wrote. I'm afraid two times, because I'm newly known doctor Irene, "said Jedar.

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