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Hsaid Benmar with My Student at Nepo

In the nineteenth century the District Mallusetasi entered government territory Afdeeling Pare Pare, called MALLUSETASI Onder Afdelling Pare Pare, which consists of several kingdoms Lili (group / read The formation of the District Mallusetasi) include: Kingdom of Nepo, Palanro, Bojo, Bacukiki (now entered the territory of Pare Pare) ,
In the marriage of the century occurred berdama LA SAMAILI man of royal residents Palanro with a woman named I Makkatutu population Nepo kingdom. Both of these people background clumps good family.
From the results of this marriage was born two offspring, one (1) woman named I BALOBO and 1 (one) man named LA TANRING. Since the birth of the second child is always taken care of by the couple life with love and affection and remain in harmony and in the household, prosperous at the stage of public life on the size of the pattern of life and livelihood first time. Both of these people are still memliliki extensive fields and gardens inherited from their parents.
At that time, in both this kingdom (PALANRO da Nepo), the school has not been established. School Building People first established only grade I to grade III in 1924 in Palanro, whereas the above figures living in the period 1870 - 1905. This figure trained by the family and the natural environment. Booked by nature with all nature.
At that time the people of the kingdom and the kingdom Palanro Nepo peaceful coexistence. All the problems solved by consensus results. Add again after the birth I BALOBO and LA TANRING the father of the royal Palanro and mother of royal Nepo. All the work that feel heavy by one party like building a house, planting rice and others done by mutual cooperation. The longer the relationship of the people added rukunlah Nepo and Palanro kingdom. All the work they are dealing with mutual cooperation, precisely this spirit that is still attached and ingrained until now.


In 1865 was born the second child of the couple LA SAMAILI and I Makkatutu. When growing up he plunged the society collects both social groups Palanro and Nepo. Pleasant personality makes it easier to accept and make friends with people. In a follow-horns always based only words with deeds. He does not discriminate between people, so he does not like to impose the will on others. Unlike the colonial government at that time imposing forced labor (RODI) by dividing people into two groups. The first group (Children nobility / ANDI) was exempted from forced labor, while the second class (ordinary people) are required forced labor. It is not approved by LA TANRING and political thought Divide and Conquer.

Secretly La Tanring formed a resistance group against the Netherlands. Resistance is done by Guerrilla resistance. Not infrequently LA TANRING armed forces Keris, sabers, Badik, javelin, blowpipe and other sharp weapon blocking and disabling convoy of Dutch soldiers in the region between PALANRO and Pare Pare. Dutch officers in Parepare very upset, because a similar incident also occurred in the Bone. If the difference in resistance Bone known who the leader, while at Nepo and Palanro not yet known who the leader.
After the successful resistance ditumas king Bone by Bone as the Netherlands and the king exiled opposition leaders to Bandung, the Netherlands attempted to arrest opposition leaders in the kingdom Nepo and Palanro. Dutch collecting society leaders along with the people and announced that whoever managed to capture alive or dead the leader of the resistance group will be given a position as foreman and was rewarded with the Golden Hundred. Dutch announcements ignored by the people. The Netherlands is not desperate, invited daredevils of the kingdom to help fight and capture the leadership of the resistance forces. Dutch guile time was not received as they had hoped.

Eventually the Dutch officer in Pare Pare in the kingdom Nepo heard that there is a man who is honest and trustworthy brave resistance forces arrest leader named LA TANRING. Of course this is not welcomed by LA TANRING, otherwise the resistance / deterrence forces increasingly dipergiat Netherlands. The location is often used as a place of ambush is 20 KM hills south of the town of Pare Pare towards Ujung Pandang / Makassar (now territory of the District Mallawa village district Mallusetasi Barru). La Tanring prepare troops in the hilltop rocks. After the Dutch patrol troops right at the foot of the hill, the rocks were collected hooped. When the patrol members to panic, simultaneously forces La Tanring attacked with sharp weapons.

After a similar incident occurs repeatedly, Netherlands assign a spy to find out who the leaders of these forces. Knowing that the leader of the resistance forces in the kingdom Nepo and Palanro is La Tanring, the Netherlands deployed a force of 100 people led by several armed officers to attack.

He Tanring at the time was preparing to invade the Netherlands. Exercises are held in a distant place in the kingdom Nepo. Where it is now known by the name TEBBASENG.

Within three days of the attack on the Netherlands do not get results. Commander of the Dutch troops in Parepare very angry to hear the results. So he ordered to arrest the family members of La Tanring. On February 15, 1905, La Tanring biological father was arrested in a village called KAILI (PALLA'E) and are now entering the Village area Manuba District of Mallusetasi Barru. He was taken to the royal Palanro which was ruled by a king named man DUNNAHI. At the time being to the kingdom of King Palanro Sidenreng / Kingdom of Teachers. (at that time the King Palanro often leave Palanro because less agree on the Netherlands).

Nepo king also less organized in cooperation with the Netherlands. This has been known Dutch Much earlier, hence the Dutch set up a king woman named "ANDI SIMA 'TANA" with the title "Petta Tellu LATTE'E" to govern the two kingdoms are kingdoms and empires Nepo Palanro based in Ujung (village area Cilellang now ). La Tanring father held hostage under the Dutch want to Pare Pare. Because it was already dusk, the Dutch troops decided to stay at Palanro which happened to be empty at the time.


I Balobo very angry after learning his father was arrested Holland, he himself followed his father into Palanro. Because the power is not balanced, especially she is a woman he chose back with a new plan. In looking for her sister La Tanring. After a long journey, he met with his brother who was training at war while others were taking care of a sharp weapon (Tompa / smearing with grapefruit) to keep venomous.

Once at the location of the war games, I Balobo shouting "Tanring, the father was arrested by the Dutch, if you do not immediately release him, you grab my shirt and pants serahka and weapons, I'll release my father under the Netherlands to Pare Pare". Hearing the cries of her sister, La Tanring furious. Without thinking he and his men set off after his father. He headed down the shaft Parepare-Palanro where he and his men are often blocked and paralyze the Dutch troops. After a long wait, the Dutch troops did not appear, because at that time the Dutch troops to stay in Palanro.

Anger La Tanring increasingly become, even abstinence him to eat that day. He did not feel relieved before his father was released from captivity Dutch troops. 21.00 La Tanring leave the ambush and headed to the village of Ujung (southwest Palanro) to meet the king Petta Tellu LATTE'E who ruled the kingdom Nepo and Palanro. While I Balobo awaiting the arrival of his father and suadaranya jointly combat troops upset. He always wondered, when there is a bright star that appeared in the middle of this gray cloud.
The time before the king he asked the king's permission to attack the Netherlands at the inn in Palanro. King "Petta Tellu LATTE'E" La Tanring not approve the plan, saying in the language of the Bugis, "ENGKANA URE 'MUPETTU NA MUWARANI MEWAI KOMPENIE" in the sense of free "Do you have the advantages that you want Hendan attack VOC (Dutch), good in terms of weaponry and personnel you unbalanced.
He Tanring replied Bugis language anyway, he said: "TADDAMPENGI ATAE puang, Ataka RIPUANGNGE MASIRIKKA NAREKKO DE 'UWONROI ADAKKU, YES KENNENG NABANGSAKU'MI NA GAU ONION BALANDAE UPO PEDDI, Mabella RIPUADANI TAU RIPAJAJIAKKU NAGIARE, WAJI'NI UPOMATE". Meaning: Please presumably forgiven servant, I am the servant of God, I am embarrassed if there is a promise / word I do not do / exert, while the nation has long been colonized by the Dutch, into hatred for me. Not to mention my own real father who mistreated by the Netherlands, shall I liberate my life despite the stakes.
King back said: "NAREKKUWA MAKKUWAITU DE'NA MU Maelo MENGKALINGA NO", meaning: "If so you already do not want to hear advice from me / if so you already do not want to hear I said again. "
He Tanring said: "UJUJUNG, UPARI BOTTO ULU adatta puang, NAIKIYA NARAPI'NI WETTUNNA RIPAKE Adanna TORIOLOTA, MAKKEDAE ATAE PALENGENG lopi, ARUNGNGE MOLAI". means: All the king tita we hold in high regard, but it's time we put on the proverbial first person that, people float the boat and directs the leader to sit as kelasinya ". This indicates that La Tanring will fight until it becomes a reality though the lives at stake.
He Tanring went to Palanro, to the court of King Palanro where Dutch troops to stay. Before leaving La Tanring forces could affect La Beddu and friends which is the palace guards Petta Tellu Latte'E to come to Palanro. Petta's favorite rifle Tellu Latte'E purchased by La Paggalung alias Petta Pajjawae in Johor Malacca with 25 ringgit follow below. Firearms belonging Tellu Latte'E Petta was named LABOLONG RINGGI. He called LABOLONG RINGGI because Bolong color (black) and purchased with money Ringgit. So La Tanring invaded the Netherlands with a force of approximately 50 to 1 (one) firearms and others carrying weapons such as iron (javelin), dagger, a dagger and others.

Special rifle Ringgi Labolong retained La Beddu (Petta guard members Tellu Latte'E) and flanked by La Dado (kemanakan La Tanring). They went to war held a night raid. They are willing to sacrifice their lives to expel the Dutch and freeing his family from colonial shackles. They have been running day and night without eating or drinking from remote areas of the kingdom Nepo to Edge to meet the king Petta Tellu Latte'E requested permission to attack the Netherlands as soon they did.

After walking about 15 minutes, they get around the venue Dutch troops (now the home of one of the residents in the District Palanro Village Patalellangnge mallusetasi Barru district). The time was around 24.00 hours, they slipped in the dim light of the moon that is almost set. He Tanring attack formation to prepare very carefully.

Troops in formation as he was told La Tanring. He Dado and he Beddu Squatting in front of the palace walls of wells while pointing the gun in a state ready for firing. Other members to move cautiously forward surrounded the palace where the Netherlands bed. He Tanring with a drawn dagger escorted by La Sukku with spear in hand. They moved cautiously. Their first target was the guard prisoners. Deftly they attacked two guards to death. La Tanring bound father is released, after which it is now the turn of the guard at the stairs they disable. While the Dutch troops were resting in the palace did not know the attack.

After successfully disable the guard in the palace stairs, quickly La Tanring up and enter to attack / kill Dutch troops sound asleep from exhaustion. Some Dutch soldiers were awakened ran through the ladder guarded by La Sukku with several others. While La Dado and La Beddu which had been prepared in the wells opened fire on the ridge Palace makes a topsy turvy Dutch troops heard the explosion rifle. Dutch troops who tried to flee were awaited by La Tanring armed forces kris, spears, dagger and other sharp weapons. He Dado was hit by a bullet from the Netherlands, but it is not the slightest lowering his fighting spirit, he continued to advance side by side with his uncle (La Tanring).

The night battle that lasted about an hour killing all the Dutch soldiers, including his officers who stay in Palanro. He Tanring at the time of the attack never eat or drink at all since she was told by her sister IBALOBO that their father was captured by the Dutch. After an exhausting journey with satisfactory results with the death of the whole of the Dutch army, that night he ran out of energy.

In the early morning, between 04.00 dawn La Tanring stretcher to his native land in Pallae (royal Nepo / Village area Manuba district. Mallusetasi now), when she reached his house he breathed his last. He Tanring fall without an iota cuts or scrapes on his body. He died solely because it ran out of energy.
That day, the Dutch aid coming from Pare-Pare. Corpses of their friends who died were not buried, the corpses were thrown out to sea, which makes people excited around Palanro not eat fish.

La Tanring buried corpse with traditional Islam by relatives in JERRA'E KAILI. After the funeral La Tanring over, father, family and the rest of La Tanring troops went to the south to join the White Balusu to continue resistance, while La Sukku stay in Nepo continue resistance.
Resistance and morale La Tanring continued to burn like a fire that never goes out. Until now this natural development. As evidenced by the call saying: "NARAPI'NI WETTUNNA ATAE PALENGENG lopi ARUNGNGE MOLAI", meaning "time has come for the people float boats, leader menumpanginya". This pledge can be interpreted as happens now. MPR decided the Guidelines of State Policy, the president obey and run in the direction that it determines. It was a great and noble ideals La Tanring.

La Tanring tomb is located in Jerra'E Kaili. In the complex cultural heritage there are also some tombs of King Nepo, including La Bongo. (whitewater Patappuloe).
* The house where the Dutch troops to stay there and have undergone many changes. The location is located in the village Patalellangnge Palanro District of Mallusetasi Barru. Including wells located in front of the Palace (home) where the Dutch troops to stay.