Sunday, June 17, 2018

The mother's coffin was struck down, Semen Susul Ibu being the body

Events signs in Lembang Parinding, District Sesean, North Toraja ended tragically. Samen Kondodura who took his mother's body on Friday (15/06/2018) was killed.

The solok beacon is a makokau solok beacon, which moves the body from inside the house to the top of the lakkean.

Dozens of people united the power to pull the crate into the lakkean. Including Samen.

When the chest almost reached the top, the ladder off the bamboo slipped off. The casket floated, then fell to the ground. Several people were buffeted. Samen is the worst. The casket is right on its head.

Help help is done by bringing it to Elim Hospital. But his life was not saved.

Samen leaves, following the mother. The video of the incident spread in social media

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