Monday, February 19, 2018

Before Left Hoax Himself Died, Sylvester Stallone Apparently Stumbling Embarrassing Cases

Heboh, news of his death actor action movie actor Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone or more popularly known Sylvester Stallone (71).

The news originated from a status on Facebook account that mentions if Sylvester died after battling the prostate cancer disease he suffered.

The message circulated, Monday (19/2/2018) it reads, "So long champ Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone died early this morning after his battle with prostate cancer, the actor kept his illness a secret, but the end he could not beat it . "

However, the site, a site that checks and re-checks the news, confirms if the news is now viral through social media and the messaging app is a hoax or a lie. news site also launch news about hoax news.

This is not the first time Sylvester has died.

Nearly 2 months before the news of this hoax blew, the cast in the film Rambo was accused of rape.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Wednesday (20/12/2017), the victim has reported to the Santa Monica police, Los Angeles, United States (US).

He claimed to be raped Stallone in 1990 in Las Vegas, as quoted by TMZ.

At that time Sylvester was 44 years old while the woman was 16 years old.

However, his accusations are inconsistent with other women's claims, who claim to have occurred in 1986.

Sylvester confessed to knowing the woman.

He and the woman spent three days together in Israel.

However, Sylvester strongly denied accusing him of raping her

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