Monday, May 28, 2018

Full Chronology Shouting Bomb Make Panic 1 Plane, Here Threats of Punishment Actors

Passengers at Supadio Airport Pontianak West Kalimantan were panicked by one person.

Cause there is a bomb to the flight attendant.

Lion Air JT 687 aircraft destinations Pontianak Jakarata, dihebohkan with shouts of bombs in the plane.

On the incident hundreds of passengers plane into panic.

According to the OAS Manager Angkasa Pura II, Bernard Munthe said based on the stewardess stewardship is indeed a misunderstanding between the flight attendant and passengers who say there is a bomb.

"So when one of the passengers handled flight attendants and passenger versions, there was a bit of an argument, then passengers said the bomb and misunderstanding with flight attendants," he said.

Because of the bomb saying the panic finally occurred, but admitted that the stewardess has done the handling according to the procedure. Where previously there had been no briefing related to bomb threats.

"When there is a bomb threat, the stewardess has made a briefing, flight attendants ask passengers out quietly, but because there is a threat to panic passengers," he said.

Finally according to him the passengers with their own initiative opened the emergency door.

"The flight attendant has asked the passengers to calmly exit the door, but because panic passengers opened the emergency door, 7 passengers got injured," he said.

After that, according to him, the passengers are then screened, and the wound is brought to the Air Force Hospital.

"The wounded passengers taken to Rumkit AURI three have returned to the airport, while others are waiting for the airport," he continued.

Meanwhile, the suspect admitted to have been handled by the police for investigation. "The suspect has been brought by the police," he said.

The Bomb Shout Rules at the Airport and the Punishment

This one ban seems to have long been announced.

Unfortunately, not a few people who ignore it.

The other is joking about the bombs while at the airport and airplane kasawan.

Some cases of passengers not departed or unloaded from planes by the airlines have already occurred.

Firm sanctions are also waiting for passengers plane joking about the bomb.

People who joke about bombs potentially exposed to sanctions, imprisoned.

For anyone who jokes about bombs in airport environments and aircraft can be imposed sanctions jail for a maximum of one year.

The regulation is listed in Law no. 1 of 2009 concerning flights stating "Everyone submitting false information that endanger the safety of flight as intended in Article 344 letter e shall be subject to imprisonment of a maximum of 1 (one) year."

Joking about bombs in airport and airplane environments has also made other passengers uncomfortable and flights to be late.

So be an intelligent plane passenger, never once joked about the bomb either at the airport or plane, inside and outside the country.

Some time ago passenger plane Lion Air joked about the bomb.

The incident made Lion Air's flight to be late.

"Lion Air delivered a clarification regarding the delayed JT 618 due to a bomb joke originating from (ZN), a male passenger who, when boarding, ZN mentioned the word 'BOM' to one flight attendant (FA), "according to a press release received KompasTravel Friday (12/05/2018).

The event then made Lion Air JT 618 flight from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Tangerang (CGK) to Airport Depati Amir, Pangkalpinang, Bangka was postponed.

A total of 148 adult passengers, two babies, luggage, and luggage in the baggage must go through the security checks again.

"Sesuai prosedur atas sikap penumpang itu, Lion Air menurunkan (offload) ZN dan rombongan yang berjumlah empat orang beserta 10 bagasi dari JT 618. ZN harus menjalani pengamanan dan proses penyelidikan lebih lanjut di avsec airlines. Kemudian Lion Air menyerahkan mereka ke Avsec Angkasa Pura II cabang Soekarno-Hatta, otoritas bandar udara serta pihak berwenang," jelas pihak Lion Air.

Pada 2017, maskapai penumpang pesawat Garuda Indonesia bercanda soal bom di tasnya dan pada 2015 penumpang pesawat Batik Air juga pernah bercanda soal bom.

Seluruh penumpang yang bercanda soal bom tersebut diberi sanksi tegas oleh pihak maskapai dan keamanan bandara

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