Saturday, June 2, 2018

Intimate Connection with an Affair, Suddenly Police Raided, Eh ... His Legal Wife Also Arrested

Muhammad Zubair (35) was arrested by Opsnal Team of West Denpasar Police on Saturday (21/5) at 03.00 WIB. When arrested, Zubait was making love with his affair partner at Akoya Hotel Jalan Taman Sari 11 No. 85 West Jakarta.

The man was arrested not for having an affair. However, he committed a fraud until the victim's losses reached Rp250 million.

Its presence has been terendus by officers since Friday (20/4) at around 17:00 pm. The suspect is known to be in the area of ​​West Jakarta until the Opsnal Team then pursues and secures it.

"When we secure the suspect was having intercourse with another woman at the hotel, the suspect had a chance to quarrel also with his wife," explained Kanit Reskrim Polsek West Denpasar Iptu Aan Saputra RA with West Java police chief Kompol Gede Sumena on Monday (14/5) yesterday.

While the wife of the perpetrator Sherly Cristye Suyandi, 40, was also secured while in his parents' house in Perum Green Lake City Cluster Asia VII number 16 West Jakarta on Sunday (22/4).

"At that time Sherly played the role of veil and claimed to be the owner of the shophouses when carrying out the action, her husband has prepared 2 fake IDs, the veil to fool the victim," he explained.

After the suspect dintrogasi admitted it had committed a fraud against the victim Danu Supriyanto, 39, the owner of The Best Shop on Jalan Gajah Mada number 106 West Denpasar on Friday (29/9) at 15.00. So it is reported with report number LP / 513 / XI / 2017 / Bali / RestaDps / SekDenbar by its victim.

The incident began on Thursday (21/9) last year, the victim was offered by the perpetrator Zubair for lease shop contract. At that time Sherly used the veil and pretended to be the owner of a shop which is located on Jalan Sulawesi Denpasar. The suspect also said that the shop belonged to his friend named Yasmin. "The victim sent a photo of a shophouse. Until then there was a contract agreement, "he explained.

The price offered at that time Rp 85 million per year, but can be offered Rp 75 million per year. Both parties then agreed and made the payment. The victim contracted the shop for 5 years with a payment deal 3 times. On Wednesday (29/11) last year at 15.00, the victim transferred Rp 50 million to Sherly's account as the initial DP of the store rental. Further followed by the second payment of Rp 200 million through transfer. The two sides later meet, and suspect Zubair himself who gave the key to his shop.

"The mode of suspects looking for loopholes at that time there are offering victims to help rent out shophouses. So the chance of a suspect to rent a year Rp 50 million. But the suspect did not give the money to the shop owner. Carried away with his wife to Jakarta, "he explained.

When the victim cleans the rented shop, for renovation and so on, suddenly comes the real shop owner. The victim has tried to contact the two suspects but the number is no longer active.

"Used to buy minivan used car for Rp 35 million, then buy sabu Rp 15 million. Also a big motor for Rp 45 million. When we secure the motor is repaired repaired. And some parts have been ordered in America. The rest for other needs, "he explained.

The fraud money is used to rent a house in Grand Lake City for Rp 48 million, buy a blue Volvo car with B 109 CD Rp 35 million, buy a big bike Golwing Rp 45 million, rent a house on Jalan Pondok Bahar Rp 25 million, buy Chinese motorcycle brand happy Rp 15 million, buy Yamaha Mio GT Rp 2.5 million, borrowed by his brother Rp 20 million, buy 2 pieces of Rp 5 million, buy Rp 7 million mobile phone, Rp 2.5 million Oppo phone, buy TV 43 inches Rp 4 million, ATM Rp 10 million, buy drugs Rp 15 million, go to entertainment center Rp 15 million, borrowed security Rp 1.5 million and the rest for daily use.

"Our suspect alleged article 378 of the Criminal Code with the threat of 4 years penalty actually there is another victim also named Mrs. Titin harmed Rp 30 million. There are also penadah we need to call also later, "he explained.

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