Saturday, June 2, 2018

Airline Ticket Price Increases, Airline Talk Alignment Rules

Based on the monitoring on online ticket booking, ticket prices have skyrocketed. Significant price increase occurred on the departure of June 9, Makassar-Surabaya route. Lion Air pegged Rp1, 482 million, Sriwijaya Rp1.564 million, Citilink Rp1, 481 million, and Garuda Rp1, 732 million.

Other routes such as Jakarta-Makassar on June 9 departure also jumped. Lion Air offers Rp1, 797 million, Sriwijaya Rp1, 696 million, Citilink Rp1, 824 million, Batik Rp1, 896 million, Garuda Rp2, 258 million. Lion's highest increase. Whereas on June 2, Lion still sell tickets worth Rp741 thousand. (See graphical view)

Vice President of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua (Kasulampua) Region PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk, I Wayan Supatrayasa, said the ticket price of Garuda actually did not increase. However, the period ahead of Idul Fitri leads to a lot of demand. So the promo price offered is exhausted. "This is due to enter the peak period (peak, red)," he said, Friday, June 1.

Sales and Service Manager of PT Garuda Indonesia Makassar Branch Office, Agung Gunawan, acknowledged that the promo tickets quickly run out. Long ago there are many who memborongnya. "There is a lower rate tariff for the ticket price, now it is very limited, and it is almost gone, leaving the upper limit, the price is higher," said Agung.

Agung explains, in general, the ticket price setting based on lower limit tariff and lower limit tariff. Lower border rate means the cheapest ticket that can be purchased. While the upper limit is the limit of the most expensive ticket prices that the airline can offer.

"So there is a rule, we must not raise the price, the ticket with the price of the upper limit can indeed double the price," he explained.

If you feel there is an unreasonable ticket price and considered too high offered online travel, can also be checked on the Garuda website to be sure. "We will help provide an explanation if it feels the ticket price is not fair," he explained.

Meanwhile, Sales Representative of Sriwijaya Group Makassar, Moris Satudi explained, in every flight there is a lower and upper limit rate applicable. The more the plane, he added, automatically the price will go up.

"If based on the lower limit tariff structure, we are still open, only because of the demand, so the price reaches the upper limit," said Moris

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