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The Facts Mako Daughter Who Fell In The Ordinary People

PUTRI Mako is a member of the royal family of Japan. He is the grandson of Japanese Emperor Akihito (83). His father, Fumihiro, the prince of Akishino. While his mother, Kiko, is Akishino's daughter. Some time ago a woman with a friendly smile makes the public stunned when deciding to surrender his nobility because it will marry the common people.

Japanese law requires a princess to leave the royal family if they want to marry a man outside the kingdom. Mako was due to marry Kei Komuro, an employee at the law firm. Here are some things about Princess Mako:

1. Not yet engaged
Princess and Komuro not yet engaged. Although both have plans to marry, they still follow the royal protocol and everything will be done traditionally. "Given the royal family is full of traditional rituals then the couple will have time before their marriage," quoted from AP. According to The Japan News, Komuro has met the parents of Princess Mako and both approve of the couple's romance.

2. Meet Komuro in School
Mako's daughter met with Komuro almost six years ago while attending International Christian University in Tokyo. They were at an event at the restaurant when first introduced, according to People Magazine. Since then both have spent much time together. They date several times a month. People love to know the wedding plans. "Very happy, I am also happy," said one of Mako's classmates to the Japan Times. While Mika Ito, a part-time worker hopes the princess can build a bridge between the community and the royal family.

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3. Having an honorary degree from the Japan Tennis Association
The Japanese Tennis Association was established in 1922. According to Wikipedia, the association is a state body reserved for professional and amateur tennis players in Japan. The princess is rumored to have an interest in the sport and often even compete. Nobuo Kuroyanagi, head of the Japan Tennis Association, said, "When Mako's daughter was present at the Ariake Coliseum (in Tokyo) where a tennis match was being held, I could feel the warm atmosphere with her presence there," he told the Japan Times.

5. The future of the Monarchy is not yet clear
Only male heirs can leave the crown. According to CNN, there are only three men in the royal family of Prince Naruhito, Prince Akishino, and Prince Akishino Prince Hisahito. Some time ago Akishino talked about his job that felt more challenging as his age grew. "When I realized my stamina was going down, I was afraid it would make it hard for me to continue my work as a symbol of the country," said the prince last summer.

Members of the royal family spelled out quickly because the majority of its members were women. With six unmarried daughters and very open opportunities for marriage with ordinary people, it is possible the royal family does not have enough members to break the state duty. People are also highlighting this. They think it's okay if women pass on the crown in the future.

"I personally think women should stay in the kingdom, but the crown prince or his brother will inherit the throne, but I think it does not matter if there is a woman emperor," Meiko Hirayama, an accounting officer, said.

5. His aunt also left the kingdom
Before Princess Mako actually her aunt, Sayako Kuroda, had already released her royal title in 2005. She met with city planning designer Yoshiki Kuroda. Both married without the daughter of the daughter of Sayako.

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