Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Know Key Komuro, Japanese Imperial Princess Thief

At the age of 25 years, the name Kei Komuro has become the international spotlight. The public is paying attention to this man because he will marry a member of the Royal Family of Japan, Princess Mako.

Princess Mako is the eldest son of Fumihito and Kiki as well as granddaughter Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. Komura is a Princess's classmate at Tokyo's International Christian University, Tokyo. Not much is known about the employees at this law firm. Journalists even willingly set up a tent outside his office building to get a little statement from him. However, Komuro did not issue any statements at all. He prefers silence. The only word that was related to her engagement was, "Just wait for the time," he said.

The man who hobbyed cooking and skiing first met Princess Mako five years ago. At that time, they were only 20 years old. After college, Komuro worked at the bank and is now in the law office since spring 2016. Komuro went on to become a professional lawyer. He is still studying at Hitotsubashi University's majoring in International Corporate Strategy, with a concentration of Business Law.

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Komuro is believed to live with his mother and grandfather. He was once a Sea Prince in order to promote Shonan Beach tourism in Kanagawa Prefecture in 2010. In addition to cooking and skiing, Komuro is also good at playing the violin.

Komuro is an International Christian University dropout in Tokyo. Komuro settles on Kohoku Ward in Yokohama, a few kilometers from Tokyo. The couple is planning to get married this year. That means Princess Mako will be the first to marry among the grandson of the Emperor and Empress. Unfortunately, the wedding plans are postponed until two years into the future due to immature preparation.

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