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For the sake of Love, Princess of Japan Empire It Rela Out Palace

SMILE lure Kei Komuro apparently melt the heart of Princess Mako. He is willing to let go of all the attributes of the kingdom for the sake of Komuro who are just ordinary people. The two met at International Christian University, Tokyo.

Kei Komuro, an employee at the law firm who likes to play jazz piano, violin, and the hobby of skiing and cooking, which has captivated Princess Mako, made him reluctant to let go of his royal status after announcing to be marrying Komuro.

Princess Mako said they met for the first time at a study abroad program in Shibuya, Tokyo, about five years ago. During the recognition of Komuro, Mako's daughter learned that the man of her dreams was a hardworking and helpful figure. Both have forged various challenges in a relationship, one of them undergoing a long distance relationship; Daughter in England and Komuro in the United States, for one year.

Komuro dare apply for Princess after dinner in December five years ago. Since then, Princess Mako introduced Komuro to his parents, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko. The Princess introduces Komuro as the person she wants to share the future. Komuro says very grateful and happy to have received both Mako Princess's parents, including Grandpa and Princess's grandmother, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. Komuro hopes they can have a comfortable and peaceful home life.

Princess Mako was educated at Dublin College in 2010 and Edinburgh University in 2012. Two years later, the Princess graduated from the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, taking the Department of Arts and Heritage Research. He then continued his master's degree at the University of Leicester in England, taking the Public Service Department for one year.

When her 20th birthday in 2011, Princess Mako officially became an adult member of the Imperial Japanese family and joined with other imperial family members. She has a younger sister named Princess Kako and a younger brother named Prince Hisahito. Marrying someone outside the kingdom means Princess Mako will lose his royal status. However, this rule does not apply to members of the male kingdom.

Known, children and grandchildren Emperor Akihito more women. This means that only a few will inherit the royal throne. Later Akihito will be replaced by his eldest son, Prince Naruhito. The first son of this emperor had only a daughter. His younger brother, Prince Akishino, will be the next heir to the throne, following Prince Hisahito, the 10-year-old son of Prince Akishino. After that, no more men could be expected to inherit the royal throne.

This fact could threaten the survival of the royal family if the successors do not have sons. So far the monarchy has remained intact since 2600 years inherited from the male successor. Some people who are worried about the future of the kingdom want women to be able to inherit the throne so that they can continue to carry out the duty of the state. However, it seems the government is avoiding the issue. Emperor Akihito himself has been treated for prostate cancer. She has also undergone heart surgery.

A bit about the kingdom of Japan, the royal family of this country is believed to be the oldest kingdom with a history that lasted more than 2600 years ago. Akihito is the 125th emperor since Emperor Jimmu who is believed to be the descendant of the sun god, Amaterasu. The Emperor plays an important role in the country with the majority of Shinto's original population.

Delay Wedding
Surprising news circulated, it turns out Princess Mako will postpone her marriage to Kei Komuro for two more years or 2020. The grandson of the Emperor stated that they want to think about the nature of marriage deeper so have longer time to prepare their marriage.

Indeed they planned to get married in November this year. However, the news circulating that mentions the reason for the immature preparation of marriage is to cover other possibilities. The public thought it was because of criticism against the Komuro family background.

Nevertheless, the imperial spokesman denied the postponement of Princess Mako's marriage related to a magazine article reporting financial matters allegedly wrapped around Komuro's mother, Princess-in-law Mako's daughter. It is said that a tabloid preached a quarrel between Komuro's mother and her partner over the money she borrowed to pay Komuro's tuition and has not been refunded.

Princess Mako is the eldest grandson of Emperor Akihito. The 84-year-old Emperor planned to surrender his throne on April 30, 2019 to Crown Prince Naruhito. The news of the marriage delay is only one month before the ceremony planned in March to inaugurate the second marriage. Of course it makes people wonder.
In a statement, Princess Mako wrote, "We are aware of the lack of time to prepare for our marriage and other events leading up to the wedding in the spring.we are in too much of a hurry," he said. The Kingdom asked for about Rp19 billion to pay for the wedding expenses and start life outside the kingdom.

Some societies worried about the future of the kingdom ask members of the royal family that women can inherit the throne and remain in the workplace so that they can still run the status of the kingdom.

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