Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Donald Trump says it's good to see the US government shut down

President Donald Trump said he would be happy to see the US government service shut down or shutdown if the Congressional agreement does not adopt the amendments to the Immigration Act as he pleases.

Trump's controversial comments come as Democrats and Republicans in Congress are working to reach a budget deal that will prevent US federal services from being closed this week.

Despite pleading to see the US government service shutdown, the Republican president blamed the Democrats for a three-day closing of government services last month.

In addition to wanting changes to the immigration laws adopted, Trump also wants Congress to agree on spending on military programs that are increasing drastically. If Congress fails to reach an agreement to extend US government service financing, then a shutdown could happen again on Thursday that would be the deadline for the end of operational costs of government services.

Trump said he would welcome a closure of government services if Congress does not strengthen border protection and take care of the American military.

"I would love to see a shutdown if we do not find this to be noticed," Trump said in a White House discussion about immigration.

Shutdown came last January after the Democrats insisted that any spending bill should also include protection for illegally transported migrant children, who are known as "Dreamers".

"I am optimistic that we can reach an agreement soon," Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (7/2/2018).

Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer said the deal would include improvements to domestic programs such as maintenance, medicine and broadband infrastructure demanded by Democrats. An increase in military spending fought by Republicans will also be adopted in the deal.

"We are making real progress in an expense deal," he said.

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