Friday, November 1, 2019

Chosen as Chairperson of PGRI South Sulawesi, Prof. Hasnawi Haris Promises to Increase Teacher Competition

Professor of Makassar State University (UNM) Prof. Dr. Hasnawi Haris MHum, was elected as Chair of the Republic of Indonesia Teachers Association (PGRI) of South Sulawesi 2019-2024.
Hasnawi outperformed the incumbent candidate, Prof. Dr. Wasir Thalib.
The election took place at the PGRI provincial conference in South Sulawesi at the Grand Claro Hotel Makassar, Tuesday (9/24/2019) morning.
Prof. Dr. Hasnawi Haris MHum won 345 significant votes. Hemorrhoids Talib won 95 votes.
One other candidate, Halim Muharram received 36 votes.
PB PGRI Secretary General Ali Arahim came directly to witness the PGRI conference election.
The South Sulawesi PGRI Conference was also able to elect a deputy chairman and secretary.
A total of four elected deputy chairmen were Dr. Halim Muharram (Head of South Sulawesi LPMP), Dr. Syarifuddin Lagu, Dr. Hasnah Baharuddin, and Dr. Muhammad Basri.
Unismuh Makassar lecturer, Dr. Muhlis Madani served as secretary.
Prof. Dr. Hasnawi Haris MHum, appreciated and appreciated this new mandate.
The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, UNM, is ready to endow himself to improve the welfare and competence of teachers.
"Thank you for this trust and trust. Hopefully South Sulawesi PGRI can show its performance so that the quality of teachers in this area is getting better," said Prof. Dr. Hasnawi Haris MHum.
The head of the draft team of the academic draft Ranperda Protection for Teachers and Students, claimed to have prepared several programs oriented to the development of teacher competency and welfare.
Prof. Dr. Hasnawi Haris, hopes that all parties will support the progress of teachers and PGRI in South Sulawesi.
Meanwhile, Chairman IV PB PGRI Irman Yasin Limpo, hopes that under the leadership of Prof. Hasnawi Haris, PGRI Sulsel will be more dignified.
Irman Yasin Limpo asked that PGRI Sulsel focus more on developing the competency and welfare of PGRI members.
Permanent PGRI Office
One of PGRI's priority programs in South Sulawesi under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Hasnawi Haris MHum is the construction of provincial and district PGRI offices.
The Governor of South Sulawesi, Prof. Nurdin Abdullah, when opening the conference was prepared to prepare land for the construction of the South Sulawesi provincial and provincial PGRI offices in South Sulawesi.
Meanwhile, South Sulawesi DPRD Deputy Speaker Syaharuddin Alrif, promised to prepare and fight for the budget for the construction of the teacher's building.
"We will communicate with the Governor for the PGRI office building program in South Sulawesi," said Syaharuddin Alrif

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