Sunday, June 17, 2018

Pascaseorang Mother Dimangsa, Muna Residents Bantai a Number of Python Snakes

The villagers of Langkumapo village, Napabalano sub-district, hunted for a python after a mother in Lawela Village, Lohia Sub-district, Muna District, Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra), was killed by the seven meters of it.

In this hunt, the villagers captured one python passing in a river, about seven meters long on Saturday 16 June 2018 afternoon.

Residents paralyzed the snake, using sharp weapons, then evacuated from the river to make sure the snake was completely dead
Villagers of Langkumapo Village, deliberately hunt snakes, after a villager from Lawela village, their neighboring village, became the victim of a giant python.

"We are searching from the morning around where everything is, where it is, and he is searching nearby (river), whereas it does not make sense for him (snake) to cross over the fence, it turns out he crossed, not far from his place," explained Rudi , wara Desa Langkumapo.

According to Kapolsek Lohia, Iptu Hamka, Lohia and Napabalono areas, many pythons, because the area is kars many cave holes that become a nest of pythons.

Hamka also urged the public to be careful when leaving for the garden at night. "Do not go alone to avoid things that are not desirable," urged Lohia Police Chief, Iptu Hamka

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