Saturday, June 2, 2018

See How Happy Nagita After Raffi Ahmad Reportedly Fired Pesbukers

Some time ago, the news about Raffi Ahmad's dismissal in the Pesbukers show on ANTV became public attention.

Yes, Raffi Ahmad has been a performer even an icon of Pesbukers since the late Olga Syahputra is still alive.

Although many new players name, Raffi Ahmad figure as never forgotten and always be the main concern of the fans.

The news of Raffi Ahmad's dismissal is evident from ANTV CEO's upload.

Otis Hahijary, as CEO of ANTV uploaded all photos of players and performers on ANTV television station, but not seen Raffi Ahmad's face in it.

Previously Otis also uploaded a text in his Instagram, insinuating about indiscipline.

Hearing the existence, managed to capture a rare moment that is enshrined through his partner Insta Stories, Abrar who later re-uploaded by fanbase account @ videoladygigi.

In the video, seen some people are enjoying iftar together.

As usual, it looks like Nagita Slavina and his colleagues Raffi Ahmad and Rafathar.

The rare sight of this fasting break is the presence of Raffi Ahmad

Seeing her husband join after never breaking the fast and sahur, Nagita Slavina gave a remark.

"What's different today, what is it?" Ask Nagita to Abrar.

Hearing the phrase, Abrar then pointed his cellphone camera towards Raffi.

"There is Raffi, there is RI 1" answered Abrar.

"Ah, open it open," said Raffi while inviting friends to break their fast together.

Raffi Ahmad for the last few years had never or rarely break the fast and meal at home because of having to fill a special Ramadan event.

Not only break the fast together, Raffi also seen accompanying his wife and children visit a shopping center.

Seeing the presence of Raffi in the family, the fans joined happily and actually suggested that Raffi Ahmad is no longer too busy working.

Many suspect Raffi Ahmad has been fired from Pesbuker's show on ANTV television station.
It started when one of the gossip accounts posted a screenshot of Instagram Story, Otis Hahijary CEO ANTV that offended one of his artists.

He seems to expel his frustration through the Instastory.

Even the allegations are growing stronger when Ruben Onsu revealed now Raffi Ahmad is no longer shooting in the event Pesbuker.

"He was baseball shooting (in Pesbuker), if DMD is still filming," said Ruben Onsu when found Grid.ID in Captain Tendean area, South Jakarta, Thursday (31/5/2018).

But unfortunately Ruben Onsu did not want to discuss the absence of Raffi Ahmad in the event that is also filled by it.

Even when meeting with Raffi Ahmad, he did not mention any issues.

Because according to him, what is in the spotlight of the public at this time is something that is sensitive enough to be discussed.

Upload Otis Hahijary in instastory
"I just met Raffi baseball ngomong nothing, because for me it's something sensitive so yes, and there coincidentally I am also in it, there I am also at the two shows," said the man who is familiarly called Bensu it.

"So if I say what I'm doing," said Ruben Onsu.

Ruben also does not seem to want to confuse the situation, so when he met Raffi Ahmad he just joked as usual.

"I do not want to talk to Raffi, because yes I met him just laugh giggly-usually giggle."

"So if you're talking about that, be sensitive," Ruben concluded.

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