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Scandal of the British Empire-Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's Brother Involved Forbidden Love with a Wife

It turns out the affair affair scandal in British work is not just happening to Prince Charles, Lady Diana, and Camilla only.

But it also happened to Queen Elizabeth II's sister.

How is the romance and how it ends? Check out the following story:

From the age of six, Princess Margaret is destined to live in the shadow of her sister, Queen Elizabeth II.

After his father, King George VI, ascended the throne to replace the scandalous Edward VIII, Elizabeth, who was 10 years old, became the Queen of England's candidate.

Margaret and Elizabeth were very close as they began to grow, and the tense atmosphere of World War II contributed to their personal formation.

Shortly before Elizabeth married Philip in November 1947, Margaret fell in love with RAF Captain Peter Townsend, who helped her father work in the palace and accompany the family on the way to South Africa.
Townsend himself was 15 years older than Margaret, and he also has a wife and two sons.

When George VI died, Townsend moved from Buckingham Palace with Margaret and Queen Mother to Clarence House.

Shortly thereafter, Townsend and his wife divorced.

The gentle nature of Townsend is said to have complemented the fiery Margaret and Townsend proposed to her in 1953.

In the midst of Elizabeth's coronation as queen, Margaret wiped the stain on Townsend's coat.

It is of concern to the media and will not release the two taboo pairs.

Queen Elizabeth II is also concerned about her sister's troubles, especially the condition of her sister who breaks the rules if the marriage is held.

However, Queen Elizabeth II finally made the decision that royalty members could marry a divorced man.

Elizabeth asked her sister to wait a year, so Margaret and Townsend would not see each other until October 12, 1955.

In the end, their marriage will never happen, even though public opinion wants the opposite.

Margaret also made a decision that she would not marry Townsend because of church rules and her position as part of the kingdom.

Though still in love, Margaret and Townsend parted ways.

After parting, Townsend married the Belgian tobacco woman named Marie-Luce Jamagne who is said to be very much like Margaret.
While Margaret eventually married a photographer, Antony Armstrong-Jones, at Westminster Abbey on May 6, 1960, and became the first royal wedding to be televised.

Margaret is the protector of a number of organizations and charities, she is also very proud of her dedication to the arts, hospitals, military, children, and other things that touch her heart.

He and Amstrong-Jones have two children: Davis and Sarah.

Unconsciously (or consciously), Margaret lamented marriage that never happened and made her even more agitated.

Until 1966, two years after Sarah's birth, Margaret reportedly had a brief relationship with her daughter's godfather, Anthony Barton.

Furthermore, the intimate letters revealed that he also spent time with Robin Douglas-Home.

He has also been rumored for years with several celebrities including Peter Sellars, David Niven, Mick Jagger, and Warren Beatty.

Tennant, a friend of Margaret, introduced him to Roddy Llewellyn in 1973, which made him further away from her husband.

They had a relationship for almost eight years under the guise of friendship.

In 1976, photos of Llewellyn and Margaret were on the front page of the News of the World

Margaret was divorced from her husband on July 11, 1978.

The destruction of Margaret and Townsend's relationship, more of a black dot on family members accused of blocking her happiness.

However, Margaret never blames her family, and she bersikers that the decision not to marry Townsend is her own decision.

 The Kingdom is at least grateful to Margaret's efforts.

Queen Elizabeth II feels certain old rules do not make sense anymore.

Margaret and Townsend had a chance to meet again in 1992, they just sat together on the sofa and chatted like old friends.

Princess Margaret died in 2002 at the age of 71 after suffering a stroke.

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