Monday, June 11, 2018

Thousands of Communities Spilled over the Cemetery of King Gowa's 37th Birthday

Thousands of people from various stages accompanied the funeral of King Gowa to-37, Andi Maddusila Andi Idjo Daeng Mannyonri Karaeng Katangka Sultan Alauddin 2, Monday, June 11.
They flocked from the last deceased place in Meseum Balla Lompoa to the place of being buried in the burial complex of Gowa Katamese Kings, Somba Opu Subdistrict, Gowa Regency.
Shout takbir and badik unsheathed along the way also accompany the person who held "Sombayya Ri Gowa" it.
All Mourning
Even the universe seemed to be sad. Characterized by the sound of thunder and rain when the figure who was asked as "Sombayya Ri Gowa" was, blowing his last breath at Happy Hospital Makassar, approximately at 16.00 Wita.

Sobbing tears tearing the family up to royal relatives could not be dammed to accompany his departure at his final resting place on Earth Permata Hijau (BPH) Jalan Sultan Alauddin.

Especially his beloved wife, Nurmawati Patta Kanang (62) who even many times fainted. As if not to let go of the husband. He sounded occasionally wailing. Mumbling as if to convince himself that the beloved King has not died.

"Atta wake up, Atta wake up," he said, in a hoarse voice tear-lit just before he was unconscious.

Admittedly the nephew of the King, Andi Adrian (39), when he accompanied the hospital before the last breath, he was shocked by the sound of thunder. "Sombayya opened his eyes when he was in the hospital and then he closed it again, soon after that the rain came down," admitted Andrian.

The rain, indeed, was inevitable. At first the sun shone brightly. However, all of a sudden it was cloudy and rainy. In fact, not a few areas in Gowa, as in the Sungguminasa rain-soaked area when the news began to spread in some groups WhatsApp.

Relatives of the King, Andi Hasanuddin Sila Andi Baso Erang, who is also as Secretary of the Kingdom of Gowa said, The King did have a history of heart disease and has two weeks is always entered in Siloam Hospital Makassar.

"Last night, he came back from Siloam, woke up in the morning, a little shaky until he fell and fitted about his forehead, and not long afterwards, he was taken to the hospital in Minasa Upa from the beginning," he said.

Andi Hasanuddin added that the plan of Andi Maddusila will be buried in the funeral complex of Gowa Katamese Kings, Somba Opu Subdistrict, Gowa Regency, Monday afternoon, June 11th.

"Previously the deceased will be buried in Ballalompoa Gowa.The funeral procession will be done with the customs of the kingdom, among others by cutting buffalo male," he concluded.

Before he died, he continued, the King far a day also had time to tell the family always maintain good relations with others.

"This past Sunday He has always given us a discourse: Keep unity, the integrity of the family, do not fight and fight over the issue of inheritance," he said, imitating the words of the deceased

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