Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mulan Jameela Attitude when Meet Former Husband in Bandung So Spotlight Netizen

Singer Mulan Jameela once sailed the household ark with Harry Nugraha before finally marrying the musician Ahmad Dhani.

Unfortunately, Mulan's first marriage had to run aground in the sixth year.

From the marriage that was built since 1999, Mulan and Harry have two children. They are Tyarani Nugraha and Daffi Nugraha.

Approximately 13 years since the official divorce, the relationship Mulan Jameela and Harry Nugraha was still well established.

It was seen from one Mulan upload on Instagram a few days ago.

In the upload, Mulan Jameela was seen taking pictures with Harry, Sofia Upay, and Lalita.

There was no Tyarani and Daffi in their midst.

Known, Sofia Upay is Harry's new wife and Lalita is his son.

According to the information uploaded by Mulan, she and her ex-husband's new family did open together in Bandung.
The maia maia frontman also mentioned that Harry, Lalita, and Sofia had accompanied him to work.
In fact, Mulan has a special title for the three, namely 'Angels Taking wings'.

With my beloved, it was in Bandung. Accompanying work and all bukber .. Thanks for being my encouragement .. you three are really angels not winged .. #familyforever # jumatbarokah, "wrote Mulan.

Mulan posted direct response netizen.

Here are some netizen comments:

ichant_mjz23: "adem liatnya kan kalo sma ex this way."

reyaa_shop: "Adem liatnya."

lesli_arvazena: "Oh my good tea, that's sm ex-husband, wife n boys yes, masyaallah akur ya seneng liatnya ,,"
Not a few who also throw praise for Mulan who appear berhijab.

Known, Mulan Jameela has now been put on a veil.

After a spiritual journey with her husband, Ahmad Dhani
to the Middle East some time ago, Mulan decided to appear more closed wearing hijab.

But in the end, Mulan never let go of the veil covering her head.

Moreover, when Mulan asked her husband, Dhani requested that his wife keep wearing the hijab.

"I say 'must wear hijab not?', 'Hijab aja continue, what's hard?'" Mulan said imitating the conversation with Dhani

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