Sunday, June 17, 2018

Many Generous People, Collected Zakat Translucent Rp60 Billion

Entering the month of fasting last, National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) targets zakat collection during Ramadan can penetrate Rp 54 billion. Through a number of programs and innovations, Baznas successfully surpassed the target. Total zakat collection during Ramadan reaches Rp 60 billion.

Deputy Baznas M Arifin Purwakananta said the achievement of zakat accumulation during Ramadan 2018, also exceeded the period of Ramadan 2017. Arifin said in the fasting month last year, Baznas listed the collection of zakat amounting to Rp 40 billion. '' Increasing the achievement of zakat collection can not be separated from the public trust increase 47 percent sebesra, '' he said yesterday (16/6).

Furthermore, he said that the data of Raihan Zakat during Ramadan 2018 of Rp 60 billion is still temporary. Because there are offline accounts that can only be accessed after the bank returns to normal operation after the Eid holiday. Representing the Baznas ranks, Arifin expressed his gratitude for the trust and support of a number of Baznas programs.

Arifin explained that from all the zakat contribution during the fasting month, 20 percent or around Rp 12 billion came from Zakat collection unit (UPZ) Baznas which is sourced from state civil servants (ASN). UPZ '' from ASN is spread in a number of ministries, state institutions, TNI, Police, and others, '' he said. While the remaining 80 percent or Rp 48 billion came from the general public through various payment methods.

Meanwhile, if totaled with regional Baznas and zakat amil institutions (LAZ) in Indonesia, the collection of zakat in the month of Ramadan this year reached Rp 3 trillion. According to him raihan zakat nationally experienced growth of about 20 percent. He explained the growth of zakat collection in central Baznas, regional Baznas, and LAZ are both up about 20 percent.

He said Baznas not only focuses on the collection of zakat only. But also at the stage of distribution to mustahik or people who are eligible to receive through a number of programs. A number of emergency programs were also undertaken, such as helping the victims of the Sumenep earthquake, East Java that shook June 13 last.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) continues to campaign for the payment of zakat through Baznas and other LAZ. People are encouraged not to pay zakat by calling or collecting mustahik. Because if booming, prone to riot.

'' The custom of zakat distribution that displays poverty to be stopped and changed by channeling through Baznas or LAZ, '' said Director of Empowerment Zakat and Endowment Kemenag M. Fuad Nasar. If you still do not want to pay to Baznas or LAZ, should zakat payment to the house mustahik.

According to him the zakat payment must still glorify the mustahik. In addition zakah payments through Baznas and LAZ are also more programmed distribution. So that in the long term can contribute in poverty alleviation.

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