Monday, June 11, 2018

Forced to Open Bra Before the Examination, Honeymooners Hysterically Shown His Shirt Gazed

A 17-year-old schoolgirl was hysterical after being forced to remove the bra she was wearing during an exam safety check. The teenage sister said the male security officer asked her to remove her bra after repeatedly triggering school safety alarms.

After removing her bra, the unnamed Russian student was reportedly ordered to walk past a metal detector wearing only her transparent shirt. The security guard called 'focus on her breasts' as she passed the metal detector.

The teenage sister revealed an incident that occurred at School # 10 in the oil-rich city of Nizhnekamsk. She writes, "Girls this year are made not only to give away their phones but also take off their clothes."

"The guards held my brother, forced him to remove his bra and walked with a transparent blouse above his naked body through a metal detector frame in front of two men who focused on her breasts. What can he write in his exam after this? He's hysterical. He was not allowed to postpone the exam. The doctor was called twice, he was not allowed to call his parents, "he said in Mirror.

The girl's mother has filed a formal complaint about the incident and an investigation is under way. Local education official Ayziryak Ramazamova said, "The bottom wire in the bra keeps ringing."

Russia has stepped up school security ahead of the State Final Exam after a string of hard blade attacks in the classroom. In addition, strict checks are intended to prevent students carrying micro headphones and tapping devices into schools, an exam official said.

Teacher Eduard Taymasov says students and their parents are regularly told not to send their children to school with any metal in their clothes. He said such checks are common in Russian schools.

"Master warns students to wear clothes without any hooks, buttons or metal chains, and that's the same as a bra. Many children do not care. At each meeting, clothing is spoken of a hundred times. They do not take bra off in front of other people, there is a special room where they do it. Usually checked and they leave, "he explained.

However, a former student named Polina Kulikovksaya said he had previously suffered the same fate as the teenager. Polina said, "We were told to take off our bra in a separate room, then walk in front of the other (students). Alhamdulillah, mine is not transparent. "

The other girls also appeared to say they were made to do the same at school.

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