Monday, June 11, 2018

Feeling Unappreciated South Sulawesi Election Commission, LO NA-ASS Walk Out from Akba Campaign Meeting

KPU coordination meeting with contact person or Liason Officer (LO) candidate of South Sulawesi Election was colored by walk out action, Monday, June 11, afternoon. Namely LO candidate pair number 3, Nurdin Abdullah-Andi Sudirman Sulaiman (ASS), Izdin Idrus left the meeting because they feel unappreciated.

Izdin also tore up the archive of a large campaign schedule. The reason, his proposal was not appreciated at all. Because the KPU prefers to establish on that day for Paslon serial number 3, IYL-Cakka. Previously he wrote to the KPU to campaign on 22 June.

"We have submitted the letter formally but it is not accommodated, and there is no other Paslon submitting changes but it is accommodated," he said, tearing up the paper as the KPU, especially Pak Faisal Amir.

He stated that South Sulawesi Election Commission is not fair. Because it immediately sets the 22nd of June for another great Paslon campaign without coordination. While their submission letter is much earlier.

"The number four candidate pair did not make an effort to propose my revision since May 5, was not appreciated so I object," he said.

After this incident, he claimed to be coordinating with the legal team. Whether to dispute in Bawaslu Suslel or not.

As for the NA-ASS grand campaign schedule, said Izdin, it will still be discussed on the internal team. In fact, he said, it could be without cordianasi with KPU.

"It's up to me to hold a grand campaign where and when it's up to me, because the Commission also decided at will," he said.

He claimed the unilateral determination did not appreciate his status as an LO. "Not appreciating LO Paslon, then please contact Paslon directly, there is no point us as LO," he said.

Meanwhile, South Sulawesi Election Commission member Faisal Amir said KPU has the right to fully determine the schedule and location of the campaign. Determination by the decree was centered through plenary meetings. "So it's not me who decided, but through plenary meeting," he said.

Faisal Amir claimed instead of disrespecting the proposed revision. But Paslon 3 has had a grand campaign schedule on June 19th.

"We have resolved the decision of Bawaslu, to get the schedule, but we are consistently used by the mayor, the KPU that determines we are only required to coordinate," he said.

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