Sunday, June 17, 2018

Comedian Nurbuat Died, Kadir Feeling Losing

The comedian Nurbuat passed away on Thursday night (14/6).

According to Kadir, one of Srimulat's members has long suffered from shortness of breath and struggling with heart problems.

"Mr. Nurbuat has long suffered from asthma (shortness of breath). Exit the hospital is not baseball, but only once in the hospital in Ambarawa with road treatment. Yes alhamdulillah can walk but still often relapse and age factor also yes, "said Kadir, when contacted via telephone, Friday (15/6).

As a friend and colleague, Kadir feels lost.

Moreover, many experiences have been shared with the deceased. Even so, Kadir is aware that only God knows.

"Yes the name is a group Srimulat, we are like brothers, but the age of God's will at any time can be called. Yes definitely feel lost, usual joke, work together, silahturahmi and meet, "he explained.

To that end, Kadir also gave a final prayer to Nurbuat and hoped that the abandoned family would be given fortitude

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