Saturday, June 2, 2018

Call No Dismissal, It's 3 Blessings Obtained by Raffi Ahmad After Not in Pesbukers Again

Some time ago, the public was surprised by the loss of Raffi Ahmad from bumper Pesbukers program event.

Managing Director of ANTV, Otis Hahijary even previously offended one of the artist of Pesbukers event through Instagram Story about the unprofessional attitude of one of his artist.

This makes netizens assume that Raffi Ahmad has been fired from Pesbukers.

Moreover yesterday, Ruben Onsu justify the absence of Raffi Ahmad in Pesbukers.

But it seems Raffi Ahmad denied the assumption of dismissal when found Grid.ID after attending Gala Premiere movie 'Dimsum Martabak' in Epicentrum XXI, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday (1/6/2018).

He revealed there was no dismissal whatsoever happened to him.

"Nah, he he he .. Nobody got fired," said Raffi Ahmad while continuing to walk.

Since satire Otis Hahijary, Raffi Ahmad was no longer seen on the show Pesbukers who have been guided for several years back.

Then why Raffi Ahmad never attended the event if it was not fired?

"More baseball just want he he he," said Raffi Ahmad.

There is no particular reason that the husband of Nagita Slavina is related to that absence.

But when the media crew asked about the subject of Pesbukers or not, he could not even answer it with certainty.

"We'll see," concluded Raffi Ahmad as he passed

Bring blessings

The release of Raffi Ahmad from Pesbukers turned out to bring blessing for the artist family from Bandung.

By not filling the event at Pesbukers, Raffi time for his family was more and more spare.

Raffi can break the fast again with family.

Recently, in an Infotainment show, Raffi's Wife, Nagita Slavina revealed her cheerfulness.

"Finally, after a long time was able to break the fast together (Raffi) at home," said Gigi.

"It seems already 18 years, we never open fast together (Aa Raffi)," said Raffi's sister.

In addition to breaking the fast together, Raffi Ahmad also menyempatkan for Salat Magrib together.

Looks Raffi Ahmad as Imam, and Gigi as makmum. After Salat, a prayer was held which was followed by Raffi Ahmad's son, Rafathar.

After Maghrib prayer, then continued with dinner together.

, managed to capture a rare moment that is enshrined through his partner Insta Stories, Abrar who later re-uploaded by fanbase account @ videoladygigi.

Raffi Ahmad for the last few years had never or rarely break the fast and meal at home because of having to fill a special Ramadan event.

Not only break the fast together, Raffi also seen accompanying his wife and children visit a shopping center.

Seeing the presence of Raffi in the family, the fans joined happily and actually suggested that Raffi Ahmad is no longer too busy working.

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