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Uncovered! Not Ahmad Dhani, This Men Idaman Mulan Jameela & Kabar Duka Denny Siregar

Mulan Ngaku Nikah with Ahmad Dhani Not for Love, Revealed This is the Man that he is seeking

Ahmad Dhani's relationship with Mulan Jamela both pre and post marriage has not been widely known.

In the event of Logic Ahmad Dhani Special Valentine2016 ago Mulan Jamela finally bluntly in front of Dhani and Melaney Ricardo.

One that Mulan reveals is the reason for marrying Dhani.

This is quite mengangetkan, because admitted Mulan when dipani Dhani he claimed not to love Maia Estianty's former husband.

"I did not intend (married), when I chose not berursan with mas Dhani," beber Mulan.

What makes Mulan's heart finally melt is when Dhani cries in front of her.

"But Mas Dhaninya cried, two times Mas Dhani cried," beber Mulan.

Dhani who listened to Mulan's confession seemed to just smile shyly.

"What did he say then?" Melaney asked.

"I can not if it is not the same as you," Mulan said imitating Dhani.

"At that time I thought udalah, just run aja.An least one two months he's not love," said Mulan.

Apparently, said Mulan, after living a family life with the father of three children it all changed.

"Love later after marriage," beber Mulan.
Mulan admits that she is married to Ahmad Dhanibukan for love.

Love just felt when he was married.

Mulan also said she hated Dhani once.

Mulan actually said fans with vocalist Dewa 19, Once.

She told herself she had been forced to watch a concert Dhani in Bandung just to see Once.

"It was once a backing vocal, so I watched the concert mas Dhani just for Once," he said as guest guest at the special Logica Ahmad Dhani show where Valani Dhani and Melaney Ricardo hosted.

Being the wife of Ahmad Dhani, Mulan Jamela claimed to know the risks that must be faced.

Including the possibility of Dhani approached by many girls.

But what does Mulan say about it?

The 'Wonder Woman' singer is apparently resigned to it.

Even the word Mulan, if Dhani to 'gituan' with other women he is also not jealous.

"Until gituan aja I ngak jealous. I'm good, "said Mulan while smiling Ahmad Dhani smiling.

When Melaney Ricardo asks' gituan; that's what, Mulan just laughed.

"That's what if I'm not jealous. I'm just jealous if he caress people, "said Mulan.

Bad news comes from musical, Ahmad Dhani (45).

Currently, the husband of Mulan Jameela (38) is reportedly being bankrupt.

Her luxury home in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, is reportedly sold and her daughter Safeea Jameela is reportedly also moving from an elite school.

Until now, Mulan Jameela's ex-husband has not confirmed the news of him falling bankruptcy.

Instagram gossip accounts vying to post the news of bankrupt Dhani.

By the way, how much is Dhani's wealth so bankrupt?

Not yet known the exact number.

However, when divorce law Maia Estianty (42) in 2008, Dhani Maia as recognition has a wealth of Rp 200 billion.

Maia also wanted to control all the wealth, but failed.

Dhani's wealth comes from the artist's management effort, the Republic of Love Management and the karaoke business, Masterpiece.

As proof he was rich, Dhani's house was filled with collections of antiques, among others, dining table relics of the Dutch colonial era.

He did not hesitate to boast of his antiques collection to many people.

For example, he proudly showed off antiques to Yusril Ihza Mahendra while visiting his home in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, Friday (4/3/2016).

Yusril and the entourage did not sit and talk, but first invited to go around by Dhani to see the collection of antiques.

However, who would have thought among the many collections, some of which have not been purchased.

The goods have not been paid off, based on the recognition of the Chairman of the Cikapundung Antique Merchants Association, Rully, purchased on April 24, 2016.

Almost a year passed, the former Dewa 19 band music personnel never pay off the debt.

Traders were made dizzy until finally took the unusual way, namely to charge Dhani via video.

However, until now, the brand ambassador karaoke house Masterpiece has not responded publicly, whether to pay off the debt or not.

Is it true Dhani actually fell into bankruptcy after losing the election of Regent and Vice Regent of Bekasi, West Java period 2017-2022?

Also failed to fight in the election of Governor and Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta period 2017-2022, challenging candidate petahana, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

In fact, previous Dhani very boast.

Being a regional head candidate, not only takes the capital of courage, apalangi challenging petahana in Jakarta and Bekasi.

It takes a lot of capital capital in the middle of pragmatic society of voters.

Netizens on social media suspect Dhani bankrupt because of Pilkada.

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