Monday, February 19, 2018

Revealed! Reason Queen Dangdut Elvy Sukaesih Not Jenguk Children in Prison after Drug Consumption

Like being struck by lightning, that's probably what this senior artist feels.

Dangdut singer Elvy Sukaesih was struck as two children and his son-in-law were arrested by police over suspected drug abuse cases.

Including, his daughter named Dhawiya Zaida (32).

It was expressed by Dhawiya lawyer, Zecky Alatas, when contacted, Sunday (18/2/2018).

"Umi (Elvy, Red) shocked, shock," said Zecky, who is Elvy's son-in-law (husband of Elvy's son Wirdha Sylvina, Red).

"His name is also a child, and any parents will be like that," he asserted.

Zecky said the Queen Dangdut did not expect her children to be arrested by the police for drug cases.

"It was unexpected all, the family also did not expect," he said.

"Moreover, Umi did not understand things like that," he said.

Currently, Zecky said, the family has not visited the child who is languishing in the drug custody room Polda Metro Jaya.

"Not yet, it will be possible after I arrived in Jakarta," said Zecky, who claimed to be outside Jakarta.

"(Elvy) can be yes or no (to jenguk Dhawiya)," said Zecky.

Previously reported, Dhawiya Zaida (32), daughter of dangdut singer Elvy Sukaesih, was arrested by the police while consuming shabu at his home in Cawang, East Jakarta, Friday (16/2/2018).

Dhawiya was arrested with his lover, Muhammad (34); his two older brothers, Ali Zaenal Abidin (48) and Syehan (47); following her sister-in-law, Chauri Gita (31), who is six months pregnant.

At the time of the arrest, the police found Dhawiya and others were taking shabu.

They are then designated as suspects, and languishing in Rutan Petaolda Metro Jaya, Jakarta.

The four suspects are charged with Article 114 paragraph 1 subsider article 112 paragraph 1) more subsider Article 127 paragraph 1 jo Article 132 paragraph 1 of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics.

The threat of punishment for them is a maximum imprisonment of five years and a maximum of 20 years, and a fine of at least Rp 1 billion and a maximum of Rp 10 billion.

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